161 Things #31: Spend a Summer in Ithaca

I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while until it was official–but I’m staying the summer here in Ithaca! (Even though I’m writing this post from home currently, oops). The most important thing about this decision though, is that it was my last chance to accomplish this item on the list of 161 things to do at Cornell before you graduate. Because I’m going to be a senior. What. The. Fuck. I don’t like this… I’m almost a real person.

I really didn’t decide to spend the summer in Ithaca until about… March? I don’t really know what spurred the decision, to be honest. I knew a lot of my friends were staying, and I had heard great things from my friends that stayed last summer, so I figured why not. Oh, and I couldn’t find a subletter. So why pay rent and not live there? Okay, well, my parents would be paying the rent, but it’s still the same idea.

Hail, all hail, Cornell!

Hail, all hail, Cornell!

I was pretty much gung ho about this decision as soon as a I thought about this. I mean, what could be better? It’s summer (the only nice time of the year for Ithaca), I’m away from home with no rules, a ton of my closest friends will be there with me, an I can drink and party when ever I want. And it’s always acceptable to drink in the summer.

Despite my excitement, my parents weren’t nearly as thrilled as I was. But after A LOT of convincing, they finally agreed to let me stay–as long as I got a job. Which I did… eventually. Not my proudest moment, but I am one of the newest employees of RPCC’s dining hall! Woo! The only reason I would work in the dining hall is because it’s the summer and I don’t have to worry about seeing anyone I know, just little sticker---Ithaca-Is-Gorges__mcampers all day.

Anyway, I’m ready for the best summer of my life (and so far it’s been better than my other summers BY FAR) and there will be more than plenty of stories for you to hear about. I’m ready for my last gorges summer where I can be crazy–and more importantly, not yet a real person.


2 Comments on “161 Things #31: Spend a Summer in Ithaca”

  1. Sounds pretty awesome. You did one of your things for your bucket list! Nothing bitter about that!

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