Overheard on the Hill: Homecoming Edition

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I also haven’t written in a while either so I don’t even care that I’m not posting this on a Monday. Naturally, I came home from Cornell with quite the handful of quotes from my friends. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

* * *

“The little Indian boy was my spirit animal.”

* * *

“It’s like a giant ball of cancer.”

* * *

If only the weather had been this nice last weekend...

If only the weather had been this nice last weekend…

“I was scared of croutons my entire life.”

* * *

“I have to pee so badly I definitely cannot give birth now.”

* * *

“Stop farting on me!”

* * *

“I accidentally took my shoes off.”

* * *

“I just stopped and puked and kept going.”

* * *

“I always scare her with my stinky farts.”

* * *

“I’m sweaty and I can feel the fart cloud around me.”

* * *

“What if farts were a color?!”

* * *

“It’s like poop, but sandy. Sandy poop!”

* * *

“Why did you drink her weed??”

* * *

Clearly, my teammates/friends have some issues and obsession with bowel movements. But that’s why I love them and miss them so much! I can’t wait til next year!


One Comment on “Overheard on the Hill: Homecoming Edition”

  1. markbono says:

    Hilarious. Yeah if I remember right college was a series of really interesting and unique experiences as well as quotes. Great idea for a post.

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