The Bucket List

Everyone knows what a bucket list is, and this is mine. I guess I kind of have two bucket lists… the 161 things and the one I’m going to post. But, ya know, instead of being things to complete before I graduate, this is for life. Some of these are really silly, but I want to do them anyway. Don’t judge.

1. Learn to surf.

2. Learn to play guitar.

3. Win an Ivy League Championship and go to NCAAs.

4. Learn to drive stick shift.

5. Go skydiving.

6. Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve.

7. New Year’s kiss from a complete stranger.

8. Complete 161 things …or at least like 75%.

9. Backpack across Europe.

10. Learn family history/geneology/family tree.

11. Adopt a dog.

12. Go to the SuperBowl.

13. Go to Hawaii.

14. Cross-country road trip.

15. Go parasailing.

16. Go on a cruise.

17. Scuba dive.

18. Write and publish a book.

19. Own a Mustang.

20. Kiss in the rain.

21. Get a tattoo.

22. Go REAL camping.

23. Bowl a 300.

24. Ride a mechanical bull.

25. Go zip-lining.

26. Break a world record.

27. Have a book turned into a movie.

28. Do a Tough Mudder or a Warrior Dash or something along those lines.

29. Sing karaoke and not care what anyone thinks.

30. Be in 161 Faces of Cornell.

31. Have a book I’ve written become a New York Times Best Seller.

32. Go on a reality TV show (or at least appear on one).

33. Participate in Holi.

34. Run a marathon.

35. Visit all 30 MLB baseball stadiums.

5 Comments on “The Bucket List”

  1. Ben says:

    Hi Samantha,
    Ben here from a blog called The Red Rucksack. I love your list. On my blog I highlight one bucket list a week. Would love to share yours with my readers if you’re keen. It’d be great for us oldies (35yo!) to get a 20-something perspective on the whole bucket list thing.

  2. Ben says:

    Brilliant! Thanks, I have you scheduled for the 9th of July. Cheers and keep up the good work, that overheard on the hill stuff cracked me up big time :-)

  3. Alissa Kirkwood says:

    I have 5 and 17 on my bucket list :D I’ll be sure to stick around as you cross these of your list, you’ve got yourself a new follower

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