An Open Letter to Non-Voters

Yesterday was Election Day. I’m sure you know that, though. It was the chance to vote in the midterms, and in many states, like here in PA, the chance to vote for governor. What I didn’t know when I walked into my polling place with my mom, however, was that I would be the youngest voter there. I mean, we also walked in after a full bus unloaded with seniors from an assisted living home… but that’s besides the point.

I know I’m lame, but this was the first time I got to vote and I was really excited about it! In 2010 I was going off to college and registering to vote never really crossed my mind. Then came 2012–a Presidential election! Of course I wanted to vote for President! I registered to vote and everything. Except… I registered far too late to vote via absentee ballot because I was living in New York at the time. So yeah, I was pumped.

The thing is, though, not everyone is as excited to vote as I am. As I mentioned, I was the youngest voter at the polls (besides the children that were dragged there with their parents). Why is it that no one in my age demographic feels the need to vote? I get that it’s not as ~exciting~ as voting in a presidential election, but it’s still pretty damn incredible. We’re so lucky.

What really got me thinking about this was the fact that yesterday two people I follow tweeted something that blew my mind. “I don’t vote and I probably never will.” What?? I don’t understand.

While there are plenty of issues wrong with this country, I’ll admit that, we are still so incredibly lucky to live in the United States. Do people not realize that not everyone in the world is afforded the luxury of voting? There are countries whose people are so oppressed that they live in fear everyday. There are countries who are afforded the opportunity to vote but are still to terrified to do so.  Take advantage of how good we have it, guys! Ugh. But, you know, it’s just SUCH pain to drive to your polling place and press a few buttons and make a small difference. Talk about first world problems.

Truth from one of my favorite actors from my favorite show.

Truth from one of my favorite actors from my favorite show. Also, please excuse the grammatical error.

If you’re not voting because you don’t know much a bout the candidates or haven’t done any research, then that’s okay! It’s definitely better to be informed. But otherwise? You should have gone to vote! And I know the government is messed up and corrupt and you think your vote won’t make a difference. You might just be one person, but it still counts. YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE TO VOTE.

I didn’t get as detailed as I wanted to, but hopefully I was able to make you stop and think for a second–if not about who you would have voted for, then at least about how lucky you are to live in the United States and have such incredible opportunities.

So, in the future. you all better get your butts to the polls and vote!


3 Comments on “An Open Letter to Non-Voters”

  1. I vote, but live in a state that only does absentee ballots, so we don’t even have polls. I’m pretty sure if they ever let you do it online, we would get more young people to vote.

    • samantha045 says:

      As sad as that is, it’s entirely true. ~Most~ of my generation focuses on convenience. I just added a new picture to the post that I believe sums up the situation perfectly.

  2. stumelton says:

    Haha I don’t vote because it’s statistically insignificant. Yes, if everybody thought that way it wouldn’t be worth it. But the fact is, there are awesome people like you who do care. So as long as it stays that way, I think we’re good! :)

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