I’m Back!

After what seems like forever, I’ve decided to start my blog up again. I know, you’ve all been dying without me.

My decision to stop writing wasn’t because I got too lazy or bored with it–I loved this blog and I love to write–it was because I thought that I wasn’t allowed to have this blog due to a new job (I’ll write about that later, promise!). It might be hard to believe, but I had full intentions of writing again once my job concluded.

I’ve had all these great ideas where I’d think “that’d make an awesome post!” only to be saddened by the fact that I couldn’t write about it. What spurred my decision to pick this back up came when one of my coworkers, who’s still in school, started a blog about her experiences at our job (I assure you, it’s the best job IN THE WORLD). I figured that if she could start a blog specifically about our job, then I sure as hell could keep my old blog.

I know you’re probably wondering what job I could possibly have that this little blog might be an issue. It’s not a full-time position, but I’m in the public eye quite a bit, so I wouldn’t be able to post anything offensive or controversial to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, etc. Though this does cover my blog, I’ll just be more careful about what I post. OR I won’t care and write whatever I want. We’ll see.

It’s good to be back and I can’t wait to start writing more. I’ve already got some ideas lined up–hope ya’ll like them!

Now here’s a cute puppy for your enjoyment.