College Lesson #2: Leggings are most certainly pants

Leggings–are they pants? This is a controversy that has plagued the Internet since I started college. If you had asked me this question while I was in high school, my answer would have been a solid no. Nope. No way José. tumblr_mkxkvhe54v1rc113po1_250Leggings were most certainly not pants… half the time girls don’t buy a good pair and they’re see through. No, honey, I don’t want to see your hot pink thong stuck in your butt crack. No thank you.

Guys, I’m sure, would beg to differ with this opinion. Leggings seem to fall into the category with yoga pants that guys love so much. Basically make you look like you have a nice ass even if you don’t really have a nice ass–or an ass at all for that matter. It’s like magic!

Bam! Instant ass.

Bam! Instant tush.

Let’s just say that my opinion has changed drastically. I love leggings. I own so many pairs. They’re my favorite! They’re cute, they tuck well into boots (a problem I have faced in the past) and, most importantly, THEY’RE COMFORTABLE. Comfort is key, my friends, especially when I’m spending hours upon hours in the library. I have gone over an entire month without wearing jeans. I’m not lying. I might have a problem. But the first step is admitting it, right?

Like the “stereotypical white girl” that memes, Buzzfeed lists, and ThoughtCatalog posts endlessly make fun of, I wear leggings, boots, sweaters, and scarves on a regular basis. This is probably (read: hopefully) the only criteria I fit with regard to this stereotype. You won’t find me spending obscene amounts of money on $6 drinks from Starbucks nor will you see me sporting a huge Michael Kors watch on my left wrist or ruining my pair of nonexistent UGGs by walking around in the Ithaca snow.

The Internet has this one wrong, that’s for sure–leggings most certainly ARE pants. Leggings FTW.