161 Things #161: Climb all 161 steps to the top of McGraw Tower

This post is a long time coming… I checked climbing to the top of the clocktower off 161 Things at the end of September. (And conveniently went on a blogging hiatus in the beginning of October. Coincidence?)

A few of my teammates and I had just got done with class and had a little bit of free time before any of us had anything else to do. We were walking across the Arts Quad toward the clocktower, none of us had climbed it yet, so we figured what the hell. Backpacks and all, we marched to the top.

I will say that the one mistake we did make was climbing to the top in the middle of a chimes concert. Having I Can Go the Distance from Disney’s Hercules blaring in my ears wasn’t necessarily the most pleasant thing. But let me tell you, the view was magnificent.

Despite the unseasonably hot weather we were having in Ithaca at the time and the sweat that was dripping down my back by the time we reached the top, the view was worth it. Definitely all it was cracked up to be. …it also helped that it was an absolutely gorges (Ha! Punny!) day in Ithaca.

I stood there in awe, looking at Cornell from a fresh new perspective. It was breathtaking–the bright blue of the sky contrasted with the blue of Cayuga Lake, the green of campus, all of the students… amazing. I’ll let you be the judge.

Looking at over Sage Chapel at Sage Hall

Looking at Sage Hall

Ho Plaza

Ho Plaza

The Arts Quad

The Arts Quad

photo 8

photo 4

I love Instagram.

I love Instagram.

I will definitely be visiting again before graduation this May.


161 Things #8: Streak Across the Arts Quad

Happy Fourth of July! Okay, it’s no longer the fourth but it’s close enough. Every day should be Independence Day, right? And what better way to celebrate than with copious amounts of alcohol. Drinking for ‘MERICA.



My Independence Day shenanigans got underway on Wednesday night when my roommate and I were pressed for time and decided it was a good a idea to line up a bunch of shot glasses and rip four shots back to back to back to back and then leave. I have never gotten so drunk so quickly before in my life. Once my roommate (who for the sake of this article I will call Annie) and I reached our friends’ house, our bad decisions were quickly met with another one–let’s take America shots! YES! What a great idea!

Let me back up a second though to explain something. From the first Wednesday night I’ve spend in Ithaca this summer, my friends and I have deemed Wednesdays to be “Bad Decisions Wednesdays” (or #baddecisionswednesdays if you will). So let’s just say that Wednesdays are usually an interesting night up here on the hill.

Grenadine + Blue Curacao + Vodka = one patriotic shot

Grenadine + Blue Curacao + Vodka = one patriotic shot

But I digress. So we’re taking shots and playing Kings and basically just ringing in the Fourth of July in a good old American manner. Finally we decide it’s a good idea to leave my friends air conditioned room (which is never a good idea. Air conditioning is like the laughter of Jesus) and go to our favorite local dive bar in Collegetown, Dunbar’s. This bar has been around for decades–no really, I was talking to someone during reunion weekend who loved going there in the 80s–and proof of that is from the walls covered in written names and quotes that are dated with graduation years. Oh, and the jukebox music. That thing hasn’t been updated since I’ve come to Cornell. Wait…what? I just turned 21 and wouldn’t know what Dunbar’s was like my freshman year? …uh, duh, you’re right. Yikes.

I”m going to spare you the details, for both yours and Annie’s sakes, but, basically, what had potential to be an amazing night ended in a bust and the end kinda sucked. I’m standing there with Annie, thinking “I want to do something crazy,” and when I say thinking I mean that I was drunk and I actually said it, only for her to look at me like I was crazy. But then I said, “Let’s streak across the Arts Quad! 161 Things, right??” to which she immediately agreed and we started trekking all the way to the clocktower.

On the way there, Annie starts to get nervous. Especially when two pretty intoxicated people are walking up Ho Plaza (yes, it is actually called Ho Plaza) to get to the Arts Quad only to pass two Cornell policemen writing tickets to a group of students. Actually though, I think that was the reason we were able to get away with it–the cops were distracted so we could shed our skivvies and streak across the quad in what was quite possible one of the most freeing experiences ever. So we dropped our drawers, took off our shoes, picked them up, and sprinted across the quad to Goldwin Smith Hall, the only building on campus open 24 hours.

After fits on fits on fits of laughter finally subsided (oh, and after we put our clothes back on), we headed home, not a cop in sight, with yet another of the 161 things checked off.

Bucket List #21: Get a Tattoo


Hakuna matata! It means no worries, for the rest of your daaaaaays!

Okay guys… I finally did it! I got a tattoo! Cross that off of my bucket list… number 21? Check.

I know that I explained the meaning of this symbol in my first post about getting my tattoo, so I’ll spare you the details about that. Initially my appointment was on May 15th, but I had to push it back a month. I realized that I needed, uh, well, MONEY to be able to get a tattoo, and I didn’t have any mid-May. Especially with my 21st birthday the weekend before. I think you know where my money went.

Anyway, so the days before my apointment I was all like “Hell yeah! Let’s do this!” Then, the day before I started to get more nervous. And on the day of… well, I was a mess! I was super nervous. But I did it, thank god. And I’m so happy with the results! It was exactly how I wanted it and I couldn’t be more excited.

I realize that getting my first tattoo is risky–people always say that’s one of the most painful spots to get tattooed. But honestly? It wasn’t that bad. I mean, yeah, there were definitely parts that were painful. But I have experienced more pain on a softball field from injuries than from that tattoo. If anything, it was more annoying than painful.  I wanted the tattoo artist to stop, but only because it was bothersome–like a mosquito flying around your face or something. He even said to me, “Girls are so much better at this than guys. When girls know what they want, they go for it and make sure they GET it. Halfway through a tattoo, guys are usually trying to find a way out, while girls are looking for their cell phone.” He even told me about a girl that fell ASLEEP while getting a tattoo! He goes, “Yeah, that girl was pretty gangster.”

Granted my tattoo only took a half hour, but I couldn’t be more happy with my decision or how it turned out. I’m already thinking about a second tattoo… oops?

philliesPS. I’ve added another item to my Bucket List! It’s #34: Visit all 30 MLB Baseball Stadiums. I’ve already been to three–Coors Field, home of the Rockies; Camden Yards, home of the Orioles; and of course Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies. I’m a die-hard baseball fan, so I’d love to accomplish this.


Bucket List #21: A Step in the Right Direction

First off, let me start by apologizing to my mother.

I’m sorry.

Yesterday I started the quest to complete Bucket List item number 21–get a tattoo. My mom probably isn’t that happy and my dad might kill me (I still have to talk to him about that again), but it’s one giant step in the right direction.

Since I’ve been to college, I’ve been telling my friends and teammates about this tattoo I want to get. Somehow they always manage to forget and I have to explain it all over again, but that’s besides the point. Finally, a few weeks ago when we were discussing it, my one friend said to me, “If you don’t get it by the end of this semester, you won’t ever get it. You’ve been talking about it for over two years.”

Shocked, I realized she was right.

In that same vein, I knew that if I didn’t actually make an appointment, it would never happen. So yesterday, I walked into Stiehl’s Body Modification Station in the Ithaca Commons and made my appointment. May 15th. Oh boy. (Sidenote: Stiehl’s is an excellent place to go for a tattoo or piercing. I’ve had multiple piercings done there and they do a fabulous job! They are super clean and the staff is amazing).

I got butterflies and nervous just from making appointment–imagine how I’ll feel when I actually go to get the tattoo!

Now, I know you must be wondering… what does this crazy girl want to get tattooed on her body?

I’ve thought about this long and hard. I’m not getting a tattoo just for the sake of getting a tattoo. This means something to me.

One of my mottos or mantras in life, if you will, is “no worries.” You know, don’t worry about the little things, just take it easy and have fun. I say it all the time. Naturally, being the big Disney buff that I am, I know that “hakuna matata” means “no worries.” Does that mean I want to get “hakuna matata” tatooed on my body? Hell no. I’m not that cheesy (I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone who has that tattoo).

Instead of getting Swahili permanently etched on my skin, I’m going to get the symbol.  Yes, there is a symbol for “hakuna matata.” And it’s awesome! It’s pretty and it fits my personality well. It’s going to go on my ribs and I’m probably going to cry, but it will be worth it.

It means no worries, for the rest of your daaaaaaays!

It means no worries, for the rest of your daaaaaaays!

May 15th, here I come. Hopefully I don’t chicken out.

Bucket List #29: Sing karaoke (for real) and not care what anyone thinks


Guys, I hit a milestone on Tuesday night.

Not only did I cross off the first item EVER on my Bucket List, but I sang karaoke. REAL KARAOKE. Woah.

This is life-changing.

Tuesday  was one of my teammate’s 21st birthday, so naturally we would be going out to celebrate. We went to a local bar, that, you guessed it, has karaoke on Tuesday nights. On an awesome side note, Tuesdays are also “flip night”–the bartender flips a coin when you order your drink and if you win the flip you get your drink half off. I won! Only once… but whatever.

Anyway, back to celebrating. Prior to Tuesday, I had never done real karaoke–I was too scared/nervous. let me clarify what I mean by real karaoke. Growing up, my best friend had a game for PlayStation2 called Karaoke Revolution and we would play it all the time. ALL THE TIME. But somehow I hardly think that singing I’ll Be by Edwin McCain on repeat counts as karaoke.

So… I sucked it up, faced my fear (with a little help from liquid courage–my second margarita) and did it. I wasn’t alone, thank god, but I did it. I sang karaoke and didn’t give a single fuck about what anyone thought.

Though my adoring fans kept requesting songs for me to perform, these were the ones I ended up choosing (in no particular order):

Rich Girl – Hall and Oates

Friends in Low Places – Garth Brooks

Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC

Something Like That – Tim McGraw

I had so much fun that my friends and I decided to do this more often. Let’s see if it pans out. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me on the next season of American Idol or The Voice.