Hello? Is anyone out there?

Hi guys. It has been exactly 80 days since my last post. And I’m sorry.

I meant to post, I really did! Things just got really tough with drama (see this post) and school and such. And THEN I had finals, so I figured… after finals right? Right?? Well finals week has been done for about a week and a half now and I am only just now gaining the mental strength to start writing again. The only way I can explain it is that I guess my brain needed some downtime. This semester blew. (Despite the terrible semester, I did managed to check a few items off my bucket list and 161 things! Yay!)

Endless exams rained down on me and I never thought I would be able to ride out the storm. But I did! Now I only have one semester left of college. One. Semester. WHAT. I’m not okay with this. On the bright side, I’ll be able to get away from all of the drama–the drama that was so elusive my first three years as an undergrad but managed to sink its talons deep into my flesh this semester, making up for all of the missed three years in the process. Again, another story for another time.

With 2014 right around the corner, though, I’d like to think that I kept my New Year’s resolution pretty well. I wanted to write more, and I did. Seventy three posts before this one, actually. I’m impressed with myself. Here’s to 73 more next year!

Anyway, I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday! There will be many more posts to come!



5 Comments on “Hello? Is anyone out there?”

  1. Léa v. says:

    My dad went to Cornell and I remember visiting Ithica with my brother, what an awesome place. Congrats to you on your final semester.

  2. Austin says:

    Sam, you’re alive! Good to know! I was worried. Happy holidays! :)

  3. That was 80 long days. What the what? Glad that stupid semester is over.

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