A Week Without an Overheard

Devastating! What a travesty! I’m sure that you’ve noticed that there was NOT an Overheard on the Hill post yesterday. But you probably thought, “Oh, she’ll just post it tomorrow!” Unfortunately, there will not be an Overheard this week. :(

It has to do with a lot of factors. One being that this week garnered a measly five quotes. FIVE. My friends are usually good for at least 10 in a week. In their defense, it is prelim season so we’ve all been holed up tumblr_ml21srIBL11r317bvo1_400in libraries deprived of sunlight to study. Yeah… that’s not fun.

The other reason is that shit hit the fan that was my life. Starting Friday at midnight, for a solid 36+ hours, I was accused of lying, betrayed, became injured and just all-around had what was probably one of the worst few days of my life. Trust me, there will be more on this later. Most likely an angry rant to vent my frustrations on drama that I should have left behind in high school ages ago. But sometimes that’s what you’ve gotta do, ya know? I’ll sum it up in one word–girls.

Here’s hoping that next Monday will have a plethora of new quotes! As well as a better week in store for me.


4 Comments on “A Week Without an Overheard”

  1. Austin says:

    It’s like a year without a Santa Claus! :(

  2. Sounds like a bitter rant needs to be done when the time is right. Good luck in getting quotes and getting ride of the girl drama.

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