Overheard on the Hill: Homecoming Edition

Homecoming this past weekend brought hoards of alumni back to the hill, as well as missed friends, teammates, and an atmosphere of school spirit (when does THAT ever happen at Cornell? JK it still didn’t this year. We’re terrible students). It also brought a torrential downpour during the homecoming game against Bucknell.  Despite the weather, we still won!  1-0! Let’s see if the Big Red can get a winning season for once… Wow, I’m being harsh. Oh well. Enjoy all the quotes from my crazy ex-teammates as well as the ones I see every day. You won’t be disappointed.

baby hand soap Ultra Creepy Baby Hand Soap

This is one of the first results when I Google search “creepy soap.” Umm….

“Where’s my creepy soap?


“What’s the point of being a nerd if you can’t tell the world about it?”


About hockey, “It’s a communist sport. I can’t take it.”


“He just got nailed in the balls by Jesus.”


“Slow it down, cotton ball!”


“Yeah, my nipples have been really hard lately.”


“Keep taking shots until it’s less awkward.”


“If you show up on time and you’re a rapper, you’re doing it wrong.”


“You can’t do it until the beat drops.”


“Luckily I found my way to you motherfuckers.”


“It’s like Niagara Falls down my cleavage.”


“There will be tears coming out of my face.”


“Hop off my weenis.”


“Is it infringing on your butt?”


“I may have just let in a predator.”

6 Comments on “Overheard on the Hill: Homecoming Edition”

  1. I’m still waiting for the beat to drop. That’s why I haven’t started to work yet…

  2. Austin says:

    1-0? What sport are you talking about?

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