Overheard on the Hill: Thick Meat and Buttery Nipples

Finally! A post that’s on time! Woah. Stepping up my game. Especially now that classes are in full swing–instead of paying attention in class I’ll be writing more blog posts! Yay! (Kind of like I’m doing right now)

“Ugh, I hate when my meat is thick.”


“There was point in time when I didn’t believe in Dover, Delaware.”

Are you sure? Because it's right there.

Are you sure? Because it’s right there.


“Sometimes I think I’m allergic to beer.”


“I got a Jewish high holiday inside me so I’m good.”


“Remember that time he thought it was an earthquake but it was just me?”


“I’m offended that you’re offended.”


“You just ball-tapped me!”

“It was a free vasectomy, take it.”


“His balls are recovering.”


“My nipples are so buttery.”


“I don’t wanna know about your bowel movements.”


“It must e hard to buy watches if you’re obese.”


“The key to a successful life is vitamins and positivity.”


“I don’t get Jews.”


“I can’t tell if my stomach gurgled or my phone went off.”


“We went to the white trash party alone.”


“There’s too many ratchets here.”


One Comment on “Overheard on the Hill: Thick Meat and Buttery Nipples”

  1. My phone gurgles all the time.

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