Guys. Guys! GUYS! I finally got 100 followers! Well, I’m at 101 now when writing this, but that’s still awesome! Granted, I’m sure that some of the accounts that are following my little brainchild of a blog here are no longer active–you know, the kind of WordPress account I had when I tried to do a blog to years ago. All gung-ho at first, but slowly runs out of steam and then the account just sits there, dormant and neglected, not having been posted to in months. But do I care?! NO WAY JOSE! I’m so excited that enough people enjoy (enjoyed) my blog enough to follow it at all, even if they don’t read it anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much!

twitterlogoOkay, now I’m not quite sure what I should do in honor of 100+ followers, and that’s where you guys come in. I was thinking of making a Twitter account solely for this blog–one where I can post funny pictures, quotes, musings, etc–in addition to my own Twitter ( <– go check me out!), but that’s just an idea. If you guys think of anything better than that, let me know! Otherwise, twitter account it is! (And it will not be disappointing, so do not fret) Also, guys, pleeeeease post something or else I’ll look dumb!

8 Comments on “100 Followers!”

  1. Austin says:

    Congrats! I think you should start a Twitter account for the blog. Why not? Let me know and I will be one of your first followers… :D

  2. Always nice to hit a big milestone. I was pretty excited to hit 100 posts and now I am closing in on 200. Also a year was a big deal too. Put out the twitter and I will follow.

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