Overheard on the Hill: Bathing in Quinoa

I’m going to apologize straight out–there are not a lot of quotes for this week. That’s mostly because I’ve been going back and forth from home to school and when I’m at home I’m usually alone… with no one to talk to except my dog. I mean she thinks I’m hysterical, but I thought it would be pretty conceited of me to put a bunch of my own funny quips on here. I’ll try and find some new ones for next week!

Also, I’m sure you observant readers (if you follow my blog) have noticed that I’ve changed the format of the titles for this weekly post. I decided that instead of going all the way up to Part 157 or whatever, that I would just summarize one of the quotes, to draw attention or whatever. I don’t know. But enjoy!

“I think I’m just gonna take some peanut butter to the face.”


The texture is just fabulous.

The texture is just fabulous.

“I want to fill a tub with uncooked quinoa and just lay in it.”


“I’m like a marshmallow, pale and fluffy.”


“No, I don’t want to smell you.”


“I’m not going to marry a girl until I put a baby in her cause then I know she’ll stay.”


On who to buy weed from in Rome, “You need to figure out who is the least sketchy but knows the most English.”


“I’d tackle his tight end.”


“Look right into my four eyes.”


“I got fish to play with bitch.”


“Work smarter, not harder.” Okay, this one isn’t funny. But it was a great piece of advice I thought I’d share.

7 Comments on “Overheard on the Hill: Bathing in Quinoa”

  1. I wonder if quinoa would be good for the skin? That may be the next billion dollar idea. Quinoa spa.

  2. Your dog needs to start putting out some better quotes.

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