Let’s Get Slopey

This shit gets pretty crazy...#CU

Here you go, the promised post about Slope Day. “What is Slope Day?” you ask. At Cornell, it’s the sloppiest, drunkest, shit-showiest, and best day of the year.

Every year, on the last day of classes, Cornell is host to the biggest party and concert of the year–Slope Day. On Slope Day, the Cornell Concert Commission gets some big, popular artist to headline the concert. This year, it’s Kendrick Lamar (ya bish). Ask me how happy I am about this…. AKA NOT HAPPY AT ALL. NO ONE LIKES KENDRICK LAMAR. HE ONLY HAS ONE SINGLE. He doesn’t have  nearly enough music to headline a concert. Fuck that.

“What is ‘the slope?'” you would ask. Well, it’s the biggest fucking hill at Cornell. It leads from Central Campus, where class is held, to West Campus, where some of the upper classmen live. It’s steep as hell, but it’s an excellent concert venue.

On the bright side, Hoodie Allen is also coming to Slope Day… I’M SO EXCITED FOR HIM. I love love loveeee Hoodie. I’m not a fan of rap, but I actually love his music. I’m surprised. Still trying to tweet at him incessantly to get him to come to the softball pregame… we’ll see how that works out.

sd_09_01_0344_09_083Anyway, SLOPE DAY. Basically, people start drinking at about 8am and continue to drink all day (or at least until you get on the slope) and it’s the biggest shit-show you’ll ever see. This is my first real Slope Day (and only, because we’re going to kick ass at softball this year), as a junior, because in past years the softball team has been in the Ivy Championship game and couldn’t drink. Last year I got to go to the slope, but not enjoy it as a real person… I was sober and it was kinda weird.  Drunk bitches errrwhere. But our season kinda went to shit this year, so we get to participate. I’m excited and sad/mad at the same time. Does that make sense?

Slope Day is sure to be quite the experience, and hopefully it’ll be the only time I get to experience it as an undergrad (I will DEFINITELY come back as an alum). Either way I’m pumped for my first Slope Day… just  pray that my team and I survive!!

PS I was entirely drunk while writing this post (sorry Mom)! Starting Slope Day off on the right foot! #college #slopeweekend


6 Comments on “Let’s Get Slopey”

  1. Sounds like a riot. I miss stuff like this from college.

  2. By the way, only 9 more days. Are you excited?

  3. Mike Hojnowski says:

    Hey Samantha, if you’re still reading your comments, can you please get in touch with me regarding the second image above. We might like to use it as a background on a Cornell page, but don’t want to do it without the permission of the photographer. THanks!

  4. Evelyn says:

    Hey, I plan on going as a guest to slope day this year. Maybe me and some friends. Can you tell me how much the tickets usually are for 1 person?

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