The ultimate birthday wish list

With exactly one month left until I turn 21, I figured the best way to celebrate being 20 for 11 months was to create the ultimate birthday wish list for the 21st birthday milestone. Now, some of these things are so unrealistic, but others are more so. Ideally, I would like all of these things. Even in a perfect world, though, this will never happen. Hey, a girl can dream.

1. iPad. Yes, I’ll admit that I am an Apple fanatic. As you read this, I’m typing on my MacBook Pro, texting on my iPhone, all while listening to music through iTunes (which ends up on my iPod). Despite the fact that I over-zealously support their products enough already, I really want an iPad. For my mom’s sake, it’s a great educational tool because I can easily look at lecture slides and transfer them into my notes on my computer without switching windows. It’s also really freaking cool. Do want.

2. Trip to Spain (or any European country, really). What better way to show off those spanish skills I spent five years in middle school and high school learning? Really though… I’ve never been out of the US–and no, I don’t count going to Canada (eh) for two hours to visit Niagara Falls. I’d love to visit Europe and see all that it has to offer. History, culture, you know. OH. And the hot European men. That too.

3. Pair of Ray-Bans. Ray-Bans. The ultimate “cool” sunglasses. I know their expensive, but I love them.  There’s something about Ray-Bans that is just so much better than the $4 pair of wayfarer-esque sunglasses that I got from the flea market. Besides the fact that they won’t snap just from looking at them.

4. For Jennifer Lawrence to be my best friend. Jennifer Lawrence is just awesome. She gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks and does her own thing. I want to be her. I also want to be her best friend. I just love that she’s a celebrity and can appreciate food as much as I can. She’s a REAL person that I can relate to. Here are some images and gifs that describe just why she is so awesome:


Mah girl.

Mah girl.



Clearly, she is just awesome.

Clearly, she is just awesome.

5. For Rebel Wilson to be my best friend. Bridesmaids. Pitch Perfect. Rebel Wilson is hysterical. What would be better than her being your best friend?! She’d always be able to make you laugh and I’m sure you’d go on super awesome adventures together. I need to meet this woman.

6. A pet hedgehog. THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE. And I know, Mom, I know, you “don’t want a rodent in your house” blah blah blah. But it’s not a rodent. It’s a prickly ball of joy. That moves. I want a pet hedgehog so badly. I will name her Biscuit. Or Hazel. Or some other cool name.

7. DisneyWorld! Okay, I have been to DisneyWorld before. Twice. BUT in my defense I went two times before the age of 5. I don’t remember it–any of it. (That’s a little lie. I remember my sister throwing up all over my dad on the plane and him buying new clothes in the airport LOL). And yeah, it might be a little weird for a 21 year old to want to go to DisneyWorld but COME ON. It’s the happiest place on Earth after all! I also have a weird obsession with Cinderella and other Disney films (you WILL lose if we play Disney Scene It). And I love roller coasters. And being happy. Did I mention I love Cinderella? Also, this is besides the point… but one day I would really want to go to Universal and go to Harry Potter World. Yay!

7 Comments on “The ultimate birthday wish list”

  1. Did the DisneyWorld/Universal tour in December and my feet got so tired from standing in line and such that I wanted to cut them off at the end of the 7 days. There is some fun to be had in there somewhere, but it is in pockets. Happiest place on my earth is on the couch. But have fun when you go!

  2. Austin says:

    I hear Jennifer Lawrence is really thinking about being your bestie. Finger crossed! :)

  3. Lauren Creamer says:

    I’m going to Spain :) AND IN MY DEFENSE I WAS LIKE 2 WHEN I THREW UP ON DAD! and i was a hedgehog too….let’s split the cost and buy one together!

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