Bucket List #21: A Step in the Right Direction

First off, let me start by apologizing to my mother.

I’m sorry.

Yesterday I started the quest to complete Bucket List item number 21–get a tattoo. My mom probably isn’t that happy and my dad might kill me (I still have to talk to him about that again), but it’s one giant step in the right direction.

Since I’ve been to college, I’ve been telling my friends and teammates about this tattoo I want to get. Somehow they always manage to forget and I have to explain it all over again, but that’s besides the point. Finally, a few weeks ago when we were discussing it, my one friend said to me, “If you don’t get it by the end of this semester, you won’t ever get it. You’ve been talking about it for over two years.”

Shocked, I realized she was right.

In that same vein, I knew that if I didn’t actually make an appointment, it would never happen. So yesterday, I walked into Stiehl’s Body Modification Station in the Ithaca Commons and made my appointment. May 15th. Oh boy. (Sidenote: Stiehl’s is an excellent place to go for a tattoo or piercing. I’ve had multiple piercings done there and they do a fabulous job! They are super clean and the staff is amazing).

I got butterflies and nervous just from making appointment–imagine how I’ll feel when I actually go to get the tattoo!

Now, I know you must be wondering… what does this crazy girl want to get tattooed on her body?

I’ve thought about this long and hard. I’m not getting a tattoo just for the sake of getting a tattoo. This means something to me.

One of my mottos or mantras in life, if you will, is “no worries.” You know, don’t worry about the little things, just take it easy and have fun. I say it all the time. Naturally, being the big Disney buff that I am, I know that “hakuna matata” means “no worries.” Does that mean I want to get “hakuna matata” tatooed on my body? Hell no. I’m not that cheesy (I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone who has that tattoo).

Instead of getting Swahili permanently etched on my skin, I’m going to get the symbol.  Yes, there is a symbol for “hakuna matata.” And it’s awesome! It’s pretty and it fits my personality well. It’s going to go on my ribs and I’m probably going to cry, but it will be worth it.

It means no worries, for the rest of your daaaaaaays!

It means no worries, for the rest of your daaaaaaays!

May 15th, here I come. Hopefully I don’t chicken out.

22 Comments on “Bucket List #21: A Step in the Right Direction”

  1. Lauren Creamer says:

    Are you even going to be at school on the 15th…?

  2. Nicole says:

    Where are you getting it?

  3. Rachel says:

    not even kidding when i say i have thought about getting that exact tattoo

  4. Just make sure to tell your parents not to read your blog until then. Go Bucket List!

  5. lorcanh says:

    On your ribs for your first tattoo very brave

  6. Austin says:

    You sure that’s not the symbol Prince used when he got all crazy and stopped using his name???

  7. Wittyburg says:

    My first (and fourth) tattoos are on my ribs. It sucks, but just prepare yourself for atrocious pain and it won’t be so bad. You may even get used to the feeling after a while and — gasp! — enjoy it.

    The hardest part for me was to not talk for extended periods of time. Good luck!

  8. […] know that I explained the meaning of this symbol in my first post about getting my tattoo, so I’ll spare you the details about that. Initially my appointment […]

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