Overheard on the Hill, Part 7

Part 7? Wow, we’re really getting up there! But don’t worry, the quotes are still hilarious. With Spring Break next week, I’m sure I’ll get some more good ones–though my blogging might be a bit more sporadic than usual… professors all across campus have decided that it’s a good idea to give students absurd amounts of work to do right before spring break. Just ask me how happy I am about that.

In the library, “I don’t want to age fish for a living. I need my eyebrows done!”


That same friend on her eyebrows, “I can pull my hair out from the sides of my head!”


“She could steal my first born child and I still wouldn’t be mad at her.”


“After writing the word ‘self’ 23 times on t shirts, I had to google it to make sure self was actually a word.”


“What’s the best way to get free drinks? Steal them from the bar.”


“She is he Bermuda Triangle of buzzkill.”


“You know who I love? Reese Witherspoon. I would stick my tongue in her mouth.”


“Cheers to calories!”

They're so cute! I would want to hang out with them too.

They’re so cute! I would want to hang out with them too.


“Meanwhile she’s hanging out with koalas…”


“I don’t think you understand–you don’t have to share a wall with her shitter…”


“I can’t wait to get my baby Jesus banana holder.”


“She’s not a vegetarian because she loves animals–she’s a vegetarian because she hates plants.”


On the bus, “Is there a human in this seat?”


“I wheeze just from looking at a bagel.”


“I have friends, they just don’t know they’re my friends…”


On a completely unrelated note, exactly two months until my 21st birthday! Woohoo!


8 Comments on “Overheard on the Hill, Part 7”

  1. I’m pretty sure that I love the Bermuda Triangle of Buzzkill. Not only do I know many people like that, but I want to steal that expression from the person that said it. Brilliant!

  2. I’m not sure we’re prepared for the quotes that will come from your 21st birthday celebration! ;)

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