Overheard on the Hill, Part 6

I know, I know… it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m sorry! I’ve had a ton going on between prelims and packing and just plain old homework. I’m not pleased with myself.  This week will be better, I promise!

Despite my lack of blogging, I have managed to compose quite the interesting list of things that I have overheard on campus. They gave me a few laughs and helped me to get through my stressful week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

My friend on the types of men she likes, “I like kosher hot dogs and Italian sausage.”


“Can I send a picture to your mom of my face?”


Ugh, I would love to punch him in the face if I got the chance.

Ugh, I would love to punch him in the face if I got the chance.

“If someone asks you if you want to punch Justin Beiber in the face, the answer is yes.”


“What is this? Rain? Snow? I can’t tell.”

“Me either. It’s Ithacating.”


“Sometimes I forget to breathe.”


On dry season, “They just pick a date and then BAM. No more cocaine, I can’t do heroine anymore…”


“I thought all of my bras were dirty but then I thought, NOT MY PARTY BRAS! Look, it’s bedazzled!”


“Can we music?”


“I think you need to calm down the Amish spirit with that skirt.”


Restaurant patron to a teammate, “Do you guys play field hockey?”

My teammate, “No, softball.”

Patron, “Indoor softball?”

^^^I still don’t believe this could have actually happened. What the hell?? Indoor softball, really?!


After eating something really hot, “Woooo, hotsie totsie!”


“I’m a sausage girl but I can appreciate your bacon-ness”


“Sometimes I just want to punch myself in the face.”


29 Comments on “Overheard on the Hill, Part 6”

  1. Did Justin Beiber give you that last quote??? :D

  2. It definitely Itactates in Seattle all the time.

  3. Charming!! ;) Love the quotes!!

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