Overheard on the Hill, Part 5

This week was a particularly interesting–our season is getting ready to start and my team has been particularly… antsy. Excited. PSYCHED. Which leads to some interesting banter between us. Not all of these are from my team, but they’re all good quotes.

“You don’t want to bark up this tree.”


“What if everyone who’s schizophrenic is really being followed and no one believes them?”


“I know you can snow down and sideways, Ithaca, but snowing up? Now you’re just showing off!”


“You know, Alanis Morissette? Angry Canadian?”

The best ribs I've ever had! Sorry, Mom.

The best ribs I’ve ever had! Sorry, Mom.


On Dinosaur BBQ, “That was dinorgasmic.”


“They should have made your spine like an accordian.”


“It’s like being hazed by the weather, because it’s so awful.”


“I’ve never been so horny in a public place.”


Frat guy at a party: “What if I walked behind you?”

Girl: “You’d have a good view.”


“It was such a bad night. But then I ordered D.P. Dough and got the fuck over it.”


“Alright, so who’s riding interior bitch?” (What does this even mean??)


“Tinder me and let me know!”


We’re playing our first games this weekend, so that should be the perfect opportunity to overhear some clutch quotes. Just Wait.


15 Comments on “Overheard on the Hill, Part 5”

  1. The horny in a public place line really got to me. I can’t believe you said that, Sam! ;)

  2. Awesome. I love the girl that said the guy would get a good view. She knows us well and is also very confident.

  3. Heard anything witty on the hill this weekend? I’m sick and could use the laugh… :)

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