Definitely NOT a cow’s udder

Remember when I posted that poem that my creative writing class wrote from doing that exercise? Welp, we did it again. Except this time, the poem makes a little more sense. I think it was because instead of going around the whole class, we were put in groups of three and passed it around three times… maybe…


In the dark,

I hear the soft flutter,

it makes me tremble.

Your touch, I want to feel it

more than anything else.

All this is a dream in the mirror

the other side, parallel, glistening,

a mirrors surface at the water’s edge

with a multitude of reflections of the reality

of what I am. Of who I am.

The cutest mirror picture I found!

The cutest mirror picture I found!

I think that this poem turned out much better (and makes a ton more sense), wouldn’t you? No cow’s udder around here…

19 Comments on “Definitely NOT a cow’s udder”

  1. So how do you guys lift the authors of this poem? Alphabetical order? Position in the class room? Under a fake name? I’m curious about this one. Also, it does not rhyme… :P

  2. I do believe this poem is worthy of an academy award..or whatever award is for a combination class poem. At least in the top 10.

  3. Scribbler says:

    This is beautifully written and the picture is certainly adorable.

    Adieu, scribbler

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