I’m such a sappy romantic.

Wartime goodbyes always get me.

Confession: I am such a sap and a romantic. The biggest. I love all that cheesy stuff.

Which is why when I found The 50 Most Romantic Things That Ever Happened, I basically melted. Like an ice cube on a hot summer day.

Going through those photos, I almost cried (especially number 5). Some of the moments captured are so raw that you can’t help believe in love, even if you’re a cynic. It’s amazing.

But then again, I’m the world’s biggest sap and cornball. I love that stuff.

14 Comments on “I’m such a sappy romantic.”

  1. I assume you are writing this in your poetry class. And someone is reading a sappy romantic poem.

  2. I might have to compete with you for sappiest, most romantic person… ;)

  3. Alyssa says:

    Thanks for sharing. I loved #5 as well, and I bawled my eyes out during #14. Another sappy romantic here! :)

  4. Number five was my definite favorite! That’s such a thoughtful thing to do for someone you love :’]

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