Overheard on the Hill, Part 4

So, this seems to have become a regular Monday thing… it’s Monday, I’m bored in class, so I post all of the absurd things I’ve heard throughout the week. I kind of like it. I’ll keep it up. Provided I still do a good job at recording these quotes on the notepad on my phone. Quotes from this week range from my friends 21st birthday to fraternity formals to random things my teammates have said.

“Why are your nipples so hard?”



My friend on taking a picture with the guy singing I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons during karaoke, “I don’t want to interrupt his musical spirit.”


laughing-seagulls“Friends don’t let friends like birds.”


“APPLIANCES. That’s what I look for. Shiny appliances.”


“I think I’m getting a cold sore.”

“I had one on my tongue but then I bit it off.”


“Drink more, care less.”

This is my roommate’s new philosophy–I’d have to say that I agree.


Wine >>> Chicken Parm

Wine >>> Chicken Parm

“Is there any chance you could bring us two bottles of wine and charge it as a chicken parm?”


Our waitress at formal (By the way, THE BEST WAITRESS EVER) on being asked to bring a Sprite so my friend could drink from his flask, “Plug your nose and chase with water, you pussy.”


On a fraternity wall, “In life, take it fucking easy but take it fucking hard.”


My coach to us at Sunday practice, “Get a drink. No whiskey, just water.”


Cornell, my friends, is a strange, STRANGE place. Or maybe it’s just me.


8 Comments on “Overheard on the Hill, Part 4”

  1. I think I would like this place! Haha especially your friend’s philosophy about drinking more and caring less! I think I need to do that sometimes! Haha

  2. You have some really quotable friends, Same. Unless, of course, you said all these dorky things and are just blaming them on others… :)

  3. I was going to comment, but I didn’t want to interupt your blogging spirit.

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