Bucket List #29: Sing karaoke (for real) and not care what anyone thinks


Guys, I hit a milestone on Tuesday night.

Not only did I cross off the first item EVER on my Bucket List, but I sang karaoke. REAL KARAOKE. Woah.

This is life-changing.

Tuesday  was one of my teammate’s 21st birthday, so naturally we would be going out to celebrate. We went to a local bar, that, you guessed it, has karaoke on Tuesday nights. On an awesome side note, Tuesdays are also “flip night”–the bartender flips a coin when you order your drink and if you win the flip you get your drink half off. I won! Only once… but whatever.

Anyway, back to celebrating. Prior to Tuesday, I had never done real karaoke–I was too scared/nervous. let me clarify what I mean by real karaoke. Growing up, my best friend had a game for PlayStation2 called Karaoke Revolution and we would play it all the time. ALL THE TIME. But somehow I hardly think that singing I’ll Be by Edwin McCain on repeat counts as karaoke.

So… I sucked it up, faced my fear (with a little help from liquid courage–my second margarita) and did it. I wasn’t alone, thank god, but I did it. I sang karaoke and didn’t give a single fuck about what anyone thought.

Though my adoring fans kept requesting songs for me to perform, these were the ones I ended up choosing (in no particular order):

Rich Girl – Hall and Oates

Friends in Low Places – Garth Brooks

Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC

Something Like That – Tim McGraw

I had so much fun that my friends and I decided to do this more often. Let’s see if it pans out. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me on the next season of American Idol or The Voice.

8 Comments on “Bucket List #29: Sing karaoke (for real) and not care what anyone thinks”

  1. I’m sure you were wonderful. Did any of your friends record it and upload it to You Tube? That could make you a star. You could always apply to be on Survivor: Maine. I think you’d rock at it…

  2. Way to go! Now you will just have to find another thing on your bucket list to conquer. I am of the more lazy bucket list. Mine is just one thing. Become the King of Bitter.

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