Tinder: The Spark You Might Be Looking For

tinderRecently, the online dating world has been… let’s just say, boring. Bland. Blah. With the constant Eharmony or Match.com commercials reminding you how lonely you are, it’s easy to say that a new player needed to step up. Enter Tinder, an iPhone app that takes a new spin on the classic “Hot or Not” game.

Aptly named for the kindling needed to spark a flame, Tinder allows users to decide if other people are hot or not by “liking” them.  After locating the device being used to find others in the nearby area, it’s as simple as swiping the picture to the right for a “like” or to the left for a “nope.”

Tinder 2This hot new app connects to users’ Facebook—swearing that nothing will be posted to their profiles—to get information like first names, age, photos, mutual friends, and common interests. If two people have liked each other, they are “matched” and either side can choose to message the other. But what makes this app so great? If you don’t “like” someone, it’s completely anonymous—they’ll never have to know. It feels like a game and it’s a confidence boost if someone hot likes you back.

Though the app is great for finding people in the area, the recent surge in users has left it riddled with glitches. Initially, users couldn’t upload new pictures. Then, when that issue was fixed, the app couldn’t locate the device. The Tinder team, upon being emailed about such problems, did an excellent job at promptly responding and fixing the bugs.

After my friend first told me about Tinder, I was skeptical. It was such a weird idea. But after being heckled and coerced into downloading the app, I’m hooked. It’s addicting! Even though I don’t end up really talking to the people I’m matched with, I sure love the feeling of being “liked” back by someone that I thought was super hot. Maybe it helps that I’m hardly wearing clothes in my profile picture? Maybe?

Regardless, I think I’ve mad myself abundantly clear in saying that I love this app. It’s fun. It’s new. It’s anonymous (no fear of rejection, now my feelings won’t be crushed!). Now if people would just stop posting pictures of them in large groups, the app would be perfect.

But whether love is on the agenda or it’s just a one night stand, Tinder might just be the way to spark up that new romance–just in time for Valentine’s Day.

17 Comments on “Tinder: The Spark You Might Be Looking For”

  1. Are you going to write a poem to post under your Tinder photo??? :)

  2. Okay, I imagined it. I have an awesome imagination you know! Happy Valentine’s Day! I’d make sure I liked your pic on that app… ;)

  3. Who knew that you could do something attached to Facebook that would be anonymous? Great job Tinder!

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