College Tip #1: Your Cell Phone Battery Life at the End of the Day Will Tell You How Much You Paid Attention During Class

IMG_1067Today, when my phone’s battery life was at about 56% by noon (after about one and a half classes, mind you) I came to a striking realization: I use my baby iPhone entirely too much.

Besides being attached to my hip at all hours of the day–my phone even stays in my bed with me when I sleep (though this is mostly because I lack a nightstand)–my phone is my connection to my friends, family, the internet, and most importantly, procrastination tools. Temple Run. Snapchat (I LOVE SNAPCHAT). Scramble With Friends. Tinder. I am entirely too fascinated by these applications. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Upon making the discovery that I am on my phone too much, I discovered something else–the lower my battery percentage at the end of the day related to how much I paid attention in class.

Now, there are some days when I’m really good! I go to class, take notes, hardly concerned with Facebook

My most recent #throwbackthursday. Wasn't I cute?

My most recent #throwbackthursday. Wasn’t I cute?

or getting a new high score in Temple Run. But then, there are the OTHER days. Days when I’m not concerned with what information my professor is yapping at me or trying to shove down my throat. Those are the days when my applications call to me. I mean, who can resist a good #throwbackthursday on Instagram? I know I can’t.

Those are the days when I’m home by 2 or 3 and have to charge my phone because it’s on the verge of dying. Those are the days when my notes are a little lacking. Those are the days when I (kind of) feel bad for not paying attention in class when my parents are paying for me to attend CORNELL for crying out loud. Kind of.

In fact, as I am writing this, I’m sitting in class, not paying attention. Oops. (And I did the same thing with yesterday’s post. Sorry, Mom).

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone. But at the same time… I don’t. WAIT who am I kidding? Forget class. Who wants to play Scramble?

15 Comments on “College Tip #1: Your Cell Phone Battery Life at the End of the Day Will Tell You How Much You Paid Attention During Class”

  1. Mooselicker says:

    I noticed something similar too. If I go more than 2 days without having to charge my phone I realize I haven’t communicated with anyone. Err actually I consider it that they haven’t communicated with me. It’s more fun to blame others.

    No nightstand? Where do you keep your food wrappers you eat in bed?

    • samantha045 says:

      I agree with the whole “they haven’t communicated with me” bit. Obviously their fault, not mine.
      As for the food… I try not to eat in bed that much, haha. I don’t like crumbs!

  2. haveagreyday says:

    Cell phones were never permitted in any of my college classes. Not the ones that I took as a freshman in 2001, and not the ones that I’m taking now in 2013. I’ve actually known of professors that would smash people’s cells…I guess yours isn’t one of those, lucky for you! lol

    • samantha045 says:

      Well most professors aren’t fond of them, but in big lecture halls they can’t do much about it. Also, if my professor smashed my cell phone, he would be paying for my new one!!

      • haveagreyday says:

        LOL — none of the profs ever paid for the ones they broke believe it or not! :D I don’t know how they got away with it either.

        I taught high school for like 5 years and I’d get soooo sick of seeing them, after a while I was just like “I’m not dealing with this drama of taking them up like the school wants me to, it’s your grade, you’re young adults, I don’t want to hear it when you flunk my class over some girl fight you’re involved in on Twitter.” le sigh :)

  3. What a brilliant observation! I also can tell when I do stuff during work and when I am using apps that take a lot and ones that don’t. I decided that when it got down to 10 percent by the end of the day, i would just get a car changer and a work charger so I don’t to worry so much. Get back to ignoring your professors!

  4. How do you think I felt when my laptop died yesterday? Suddenly, I was no longer connected to the world…even though the world was right there in front of me!

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