Overheard on the Hill (Again)

Super Bowl

So I know I just posted one of these, but this Super Bowl weekend has inspired some interesting words from my fellow Ithacans. Instead of making you wait–I know, the suspense would kill you–I’m going to post them now.

“Why have I been writing checks since the third grade? Because I had to buy goats.”


“It’s not incest if you have sex with your uncle.”


“Beyonce is so hot that she is her own backup dancer.”


“Someone better keep an eye on Ray Lewis during this blackout.”


Friend at my lunch table: “Who just farted?”

Other friend: “Like half a fart snuck out of my butt.”

11 Comments on “Overheard on the Hill (Again)”

  1. I think you might need to start wearing ear plugs in public… :)

  2. Where do you hear these things? Overhearing gold!

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