Confessions of an over packer

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post–you must be devastated, I’m sure–but my hiatus is justified. The past few days I’ve been moving everything back up to Cornell for spring semester. Settling in has been a process, mostly because I have inordinate amounts of shit. That I don’t really need, but I think I must have in order to be happy.

I think I have some kind of condition or something. No matter what the occasion–a weekend trip or a month-long winter break–I always bring ENTIRELY too much with me. In the words of my mother, “Samantha, you do NOT need to bring this much shit!” But you know what? I do. For some reason, I do. I need to bring every pair of jeans with me. I need 9 of the same color t shirt. I need to bring my bathing suit, even though it’s the middle of January. I need to have options.

Not only that, but I need to bring other shit too. Books that I won’t read. Candles that I won’t light. Pictures I’ll never hang or put in frames. Little knick knack boxes that I’ll never put anything in. SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Is there a 12 step program for this?

To show just how bad of shape I’m in, I took pictures of my car after I was packed. Thank god I didn’t have to bring any friends up with me…

No room for anyone there...

No room for anyone there…

Please keep in mind that this is my ENTIRE back seat...

Please keep in mind that this is my ENTIRE back seat…

Do I really need all this stuff? Yes, yes I do.

Do I really need all this stuff? Yes, yes I do.

9 Comments on “Confessions of an over packer”

  1. I’m having trouble reading your blog as it’s too light against the background. Is that just my computer, or is that a problem everyone is having? Please fix so I can read!!!

  2. Celia Anne Heartwood says:

    I’m the same way. I always bring like three bins extra than I need, and tons of decorating things even though I have no space. What I started doing this year is getting two bins and telling myself I’m limited to that and that I can always drive home and get more stuff later.

    But I still overpack.

  3. It’s funny. As a guy, one change of clothes would be enough for a few weeks. Just kidding, but some do have that tendency what with them camping and stuff . . . Have you ever watched the movie Australia? There is a great example. I think you just like things, like things around you that means something? ;)

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