10 things that really piss me off

When I was at the gym last night, I realized while I was busting my ass on the elliptical that there are A LOT of things that piss me off. Stupid things. Things that really shouldn’t make me mad, but do. I can’t explain it. Its like there’s something inside me that’s screaming to hate these things for no reason. Granted, some are pretty legitimate, but some are just… dumb. Here’s a few:

1. People who talk during movies. I am definitely guilty of this one. I can’t tell you how many times my mom has to tell me to just shut the hell up when we’re watching TV. Then I’m the one who asks what just happened and she goes, “I don’t know because you were talking!!” But damn, it’s really annoying when OTHER people do it. Especially those people that are like “Is she gonna die? No, she can’t die! Noooo. OMG SHE’S GONNA DIE.” Well, no shit she’s gonna die. Do us all a favor and spare us your commentary, before YOU’RE the one who dies!

I feel your pain.

I feel your pain.

pinterest2. Facebook/Pinterest/The Internet in general. This is a love hate relationship. The Internet and social media are glorious things–but they also aide my procrastination at school. It’s not good man, not good. I’ll settle down at my desk and be all like, “Okay, time to crank out this paper!” and then the little Facebook icon calls out to me “Saaammmmm, click me! Click meeee!” and I do it. Since I’m already in too deep I find my way over to Pinterest–immediately I’m surrounded by crafts and clothes and pictures of cats. It’s all downhill from there.

3. People who can’t drive. While I was driving home from Cornell for winter break, in the last half hour ALONE I almost got in THREE accidents. None of which would be my fault. I’m just in my lane, cruisin’ along, when someone decides I’m not going fast enough so speeds up and cuts me off. OR they’re just plain old not paying attention and almost merge into me. WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE? Why are you all idiots?! I don’t get it. We all took the same driver’s exam, how is it that you are such bad drivers?! It’s as simple as PAYING ATTENTION to the road or not being an asshole! JEEZ.

4. Girls who go to the gym and don’t even break a sweat. Or wear their hair down. Or try to look cute. You’re going to the GYM to WORK OUT people. Not to look good or flirt with boys. It irks me to no end when I see a girl walk into the gym after me and then leave before I’m done my own workout, all the while dripping in sweat and not caring about the fresh pit stains I’ve developed. I mean COME ON, not a single bead of sweat? Why are you wasting your money?! On one hand this really pisses me off, but on the other hand, it’s not my problem. At least I’ll be the one in damn good shape.

5. When it’s raining just that right amount where you need to use your windshield wipers but not enough so you can turn it on the first setting. Okay, this is dumb. And a perfect example of my laziness at its finest. What it comes down to is this: I just want to be able to turn on my windshield wipers so they stay on, instead of constantly hitting the button when there is enough water on the windshield. There is seriously something wrong with how much this irritates me. (On a side note, it also really bugs me when the speed of my windshield wipers isn’t the same as the cars in oncoming traffic. I feel like I’m being judged or something)

6. Working in retail. When I say that working in retail really pisses me off, I really mean one specific situation. I HATE it when a mom comes in with her young girls (well, more like pre-teens who think they’re hot shit) and they’re going school shopping or whatever. THEN the kids start giving their mom so much attitude. Seriously? You’re mother is buying you hundreds of dollars worth of clothes and you’re gonna turn around and be a little bitch to her? I don’t think so. wouldn’t have gotten away with that. If they were MY kids, I’d tell them that they are getting nothing and that we’re leaving. I don’t think so.

7. When people say “like” an absurd amount of times. OMG, like, did you see, like, what she was wearing? UGH. I do this sometimes–in fact I think I’ve done it a few times in this post already–but I consciously try to avoid it. It makes you sound stupid. You’d be surprised how many people talk this way at Cornell. For having some of the smartest people in the world, some of the people sure are DUMB. I remember in one of my classes this semester. There was a girl who said “like” every other word. She could have been a genius for all I know, but I couldn’t even take her seriously.

8. Bad grammar. This one speaks for itself. I hate bad grammar. There are times when I do it to be funny, but there’s no reason to talk with bad grammar on a regular basis. Tlking lyke dis iz soOoOoO lame.

I REALLY dislike pants.

I REALLY dislike pants.

9. Pants. To be honest, I hate pants. Hate ’em. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t wear pants. Ever. It’s just so much more comfortable without them! Stupid social stigma.

10. When people don’t text back immediately. The fact that I care so much about Textingthis baffles me. For all I know, the person is at work or you know, HAS A LIFE or something. Their world does not revolve around me and responding to my text message asking them what their favorite kind of pie is.

So there you have it. Ten of the many many things that irritate me to no end.

21 Comments on “10 things that really piss me off”

  1. molizabeth says:

    The windshield wiper thing annoys me too, so you aren’t alone! lol

  2. Great list! #4 is a major reason why I have taken to running outside rather than at the gym. I hate having to wait for a treadmill while well primped girls walk and text on the machines. Grrrr!

    • samantha045 says:

      See, I WOULD run outside except it’s much too cold… even if I wear layers, I just can’t do it. But I completely agree with you. There is nothing worse than waiting for some girl to get off of a machine who’s hardly using it when all you want to do is get your workout in.

      • The thing is, it’s freezing here in Maine. But if I bundle up, don’t check the temperature, and start running, I work up a sweat before I get cold. I’ve gone out on single digit temperature days and have been fine…

        • samantha045 says:

          You, my friend, are very brave. Much braver than I. Ithaca gets pretty chilly as well and I don’t run as much as I would like. I think that’s mostly because softball consumes my life and I end up working out all the time anyway.

          • Well, the flu has gotten me out of my running routine, but I’m really going to try to run outside this winter and see how it goes. I figure the cold weather will inspire me to run faster so I can get home to the heat… ;)

  3. anichols8 says:

    LOL. I love this list, especially #4…and #10. I become slightly annoyed when I don’t receive an immediate response.

  4. I must say that i can agree and relate to all 10 of these!

  5. Thanks! I look forward to reading more from you :)

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