5 reasons why it’s not that awesome to turn 21

Twenty one is supposed to be this magical age where you are finally able to legally drink and gamble. You know, all of that underage drinking you partook in up to that point is no longer against the law. And don’t get me wrong, I am psyched to finally turn 21 in four months. You have no idea. But looking forward to this big and exciting milestone also got me thinking–there are some things that aren’t as exciting about turning 21 as I had originally thought.

Clearly, I got started at an early age.

Clearly, I got started at an early age.

1. You can gamble. Yeah, this is pretty awesome! I imagine myself taking my first trip to Atlantic City with my friends and strutting into that casino feeling like I’m hot shit. Until I leave said casino and I’ve lost a ton of money because I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. Oops.

2. Not all your friends are 21 yet. You can’t go to the bars with them (providing they don’t have a fake, anyway), you can’t go to the casinos with them, you really can’t do anything fun that your new 21-year-old self wants to do. That doesn’t leave much. You’re stuck between two worlds–fun and unexplored and you’re boring, mundane, pre-21st birthday life. Okay, not that it was boring and mundane before just… well all of the drinking and partying you did before are at least legal now.

3. Because not all of your friends are 21 yet, you are the new alcohol supplier. Welcome, friend. Or should I say errand boy. You know that person who YOU always went to to get alcohol before you were 21? That person that you felt bad asking to pick up a case of beer or a handle alllllll the time because you’re a raging alcoholic (or what I like to call a “college student”)? You are now that person. Get ready for non-stop texts from friends asking if you could just “stop by the liquor store” and if you did it would be “super awesome! :).” Not only texts from those people, but texts from people you haven’t talked to in months but are willing to go to any lengths for a bottle. You’ll be counting down the days until your next friends birthday, that’s for sure.

4. You have nothing left to look forward to. Think about it. There were always milestones in your life. And they were exciting! First was turning 10–woooo double digits! Then was the big 1-3, the teenage years that NO parent looks foward to. After surviving the first three years of being a teen, comes the Sweet 16 (Frankly, I never understood this. I mean yeah, you can drive I guess, but other than that it’s not that exciting!). Two years later you’re an adult, a constant reminder to your parents of how old they’re getting while you are still young and free. The last milestone? Twenty one. And you’ve hit it, good for you. But what’s the next one? Thirty? Forty? Fifty? EW. I’d like to stay this age forever, please and thank you.

5. People start asking for your ID. If you’re like me and in a sorority, it would be social suicide not to have decent fake. When the mixer dies down and gets boring, it’s time to hit the bars! Now that you’re 21 though, the need for a fake ID is obsolete. For you, anyway. Once you turn 21 expect all of your sisters (or friends) who have the same color eyes as you to come begging. It will get annoying listening to the stereotypical squeals of sorority girls, but, like, of course you’ll help them out–or at least the highest bidder.

Even though these are a few bad things about turning the glorious age of 21, don’t let that get you down. You’re young, you’re in your twenties, and you should be having the time of your life! Before you know it, you’ll be toting a set of twins in a minivan. Enjoy it while you can!

The four months until my 21st birthday couldn’t move fast enough. When that day weekend comes, I plan on making it memorable. Or… not.

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