The worst part about Christmas.

Today I was faced with one of my least favorite tasks–taking down the Christmas decorations.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas. Almost as much as I love Netflix, which, if you’ve read my post, you’d know is an inhuman amount.

The one thing that makes me question my love for one of the best holidays EVER are the decorations. Not putting them up or anything. And I love seeing them around! The festive decor makes me happy as happy as a clam. No, the worst part is taking DOWN the decorations. It takes forever and is one of the most tedious things I’ve ever done.

The Boxes

The boxes are by far the easiest part. You look at the box, find the decoration, stick it in the styrofoam and you’re done. Easy as pie. At least until it comes to putting all of the smaller boxes into the bigger storage containers. Oh boy.

The Paper

This is when it starts to get more difficult. Most of the decorations have found their homes in boxes, and in turn those boxes are securely placed in plastic storage bins. But what about that Santa Claus? Or that angel that always hangs on the wall? And we can’t forget the adorable Christmas moose that we love so much! Where do they go? All of these items must be wrapped in newspaper and finagled into the plastic bins around the other boxes. Things never go in the same place twice! And then you end up forgetting things… it can get pretty messy. Oy.

The easiest tree to de-decorate.

The easiest tree to de-decorate.

The Tree

By far the WORST of the de-decorating. It’s an event. I always get scratched by the dry pine needles reaching for that last ornament on the inside branches. THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, when I yank my arm out, pine needles go everywhere making for a messy clean-up. Not only that, but you THINK you’ve found all of the ornaments that go in one particular box, so you put it away, right? WRONG. After that box is safely tucked away under the others–OH LOOK! THERE’S ANOTHER FUCKING ORNAMENT. Then I’m forced to take out all of the boxes that I so tediously arranged to fit perfectly into the box. That damn ornament must have a death wish or something.

Despite my feelings about removing the decorations, I absolutely adore Christmas. I love the lights. I love the cheer. I love the generosity of everyone. Hell, I really do love the decorations. But once the holiday season ends and the decorations must come down… well, let’s just say I’m not the cheeriest person.

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